Limit your Google Search to Makati CBD

There are 2 sectors in Makati, one is a chaotic Makati with squatters  
that comes with a consistent higher crime rate (80% of Makati City)  
and there is the Makati CBD (20% of MakatiCity)                            
where anyone who plans to invest in should limit their choices on.        
MakatiCBD = Makati Central Business District
If you are planning to make any investment or finding a job,               
don’t just ask if it is in Makati, ask if it is located within Makati CBD. 
If it is not, then forget about it.                                                           
If you are smart enough,                                                                   
You should never make an investment outside Makati CBD.              
Searching for “Makati” is like searching for a cellphone while             
Searching for “Makati CBD” is similar to searching for a Smartphone.
There is a huge difference.
If you do a search on , don’t just search Makati,
Limit your search to “Makati CBD.”

VIDEOS of Makati outside MakatiCBD


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–  Career Advisers      
–  Real Estate Brokers
–  Engineers                
–  Architects              
–  Doctors                 
–  Lawyers                 
–  Iba                         

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